Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Ost See part 3

New years morning was quiet, but we hit the swimming complex again after lunch. This time Cameron had a try on the waterslides with Nicole, and then with me. Alexander had lots more goes and seems to be the one who is willing to give 'scary' things a try first. There was a very steep slide into the big pool that he just took himself on - it was really fast and he had a great time. Afterwards, the guard told me that he was too young to ride it alone... not that Alexander minded!

Gordon, Alan, Stuart James and I had a bit of a hit at tennis, whilst the girls and the kids rested up after New Years Eve.

We had an earlier dinner and a few more beers, and got us all into bed at a reasonable time in preparation for our departure the next day.

Alexander at the beach.

Only being there for a few days, packing was a breeze and checkout was simply a matter of dropping off the key. We were once again in taxis and onto the train. Once again, the Ramsays were in a different Wagon to Hambug, but in the next compartment from Hamburg to Berlin.

Cameron collecting pocketfuls of shells and rocks

On the first train, the guy across the isle had done the 'sprawl' - taking up two seats, ipod on, and pretending to be asleep so no-one would sit next to him. This young army guy had to sit on the step in between wagons because of this. I checked it out and told the young guy the seat was free, and for 1 and 1/2 hours would be more comfortable than sitting in front of the toilets. He tried his luck and the 'sprawler' begrudgingly made room. The young guy was very appreciative!

On the second leg, all the kids piled into the Ramsay's compartment, and Sonia came and joined us for some peace and quiet, and fresh air. We got off the train at Spandau, into a taxi, and home for 5 loads of washing....

A great holiday but also nice to be home.

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