Saturday, 27 January 2007

The big fridge

Have you ever wondered why Germans have such small fridges? (We did!)

I think we have worked it out... For 4 months of the year your balcony acts as a big fridge.

We are having some friends over for lunch and, as is normal for this time of year, all the beer and soft drink is out on the terrace getting down to drinking temperature. Here are a few bottles stuck in the 'freezer section' to get us started whilst the ones in the crate cool down.

Problems come when you leave it overnight and everything freezes in -5 degrees... glass bottles don't like this much. The solution is to drink all the beer before it freezes........


~Kim~ said...

So the truth be known..;) Love it!


BlissxStitches said...

I love it too!

sidulrike said...

darn it - you figured out one of our best kept secrets :-D lol..
love your blog, came over from the Sternenquilter

Anonymous said...

They have such small fridges, because they drink their beer at room temperature! My sister-in-law, who lives in Germany, has to clean out her fridge to make room for beer when we come to visit her so that it will be cold for us to drink! No matter how much better the beer is than in the US, we still like it cold!

I really like your blog, found the link on Stashbuster. Quilt on! Amber in Alaska