Friday, 19 January 2007

Hurricane Kryill

View from our dining room window

From many sources (friends, work, school) we received news that a 'hurricane' was sweeping across Europe, and was on track for Berlin! All the Berliners went into 'panic' mode, with schools, government offices and the like closing early. For us the school told us the school cancelled afternoon clubs, and asked if possible to collect your kids earlier from school. The winds are expected to reach Berlin between 3 and 4pm (The boys get off the school bus at about 3.40!)

We didn't see much (too dark by 4pm), but even with double glazed windows you could hear the wind howling during the night. However, apart from the lights dimming a few times, we were quite snug. When we woke in the morning, one of the large fir trees had uprooted and fallen over in the garden. We were very lucky when you consider the storm killed 45 people across Europe.

We went untouched, but a tree in Sonia's backyard fell and broke her satillite Uk TV for them until it is fixed. (Lucky she has borrowed some of my DVD's to keep her from watcing German TV). Now the boys will have no excuse not to study for those exams ("Just want to stop and watch the Rugby...")

Root system of the fir tree.

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Janine said...

Nicole, I am not really commenting on this particular post but on them as a whole. I have just loved reading about your adventures and holidays for this particular Christmas break. Your description of Christmas morning bought tears to my eyes as I read of your boys excitement and reaction to everything. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us all. I always feel like I am living it with you