Sunday, 27 September 2009

Kürbis, Sterne und Planeten Fest

This post comes with a medical warning....
If you have a problem with pumpkin allergies, it is best to look away now!

The last good weekend for the year dawned (see the Spreewald post), and we decided to head down to Klaistow, south of Potsdam, for the annual pumpkin festival at Buschmann Winkelmann Spargelhof . It is the same place where the boys recently went climbing the high rope course, and where we went last year.

The weather was fantastic, and we met our neighbours at the festival after a slow start to the morning. It was a fantastic afternoon - again incredibly relaxed. A few beers, watching the kids play, chatting in German with our friends, lunch and coffee, seeing the animals and displays, and for Alexander and Cameron, a go on the quad-bikes.

This year's theme was Stars and Planets.
Cameron with Leo. Crab made of pumpkins
Astronaut in a moon buggy
One small step for man......
Watch out for pumpkin aliens
The boys about to be taken away by a spaceship
maybe the sun? I am not sure about this one???
Off in a rocket!

On the way out, we bought enough pumpkins to ensure that the menu for the week would be pumpkin based. There were so many to chose from, it was a difficult task! The kids had an icecream, but stuck to chocolate and vanilla, instead of the pumpkin flavoured icecream! Another relaxed Sunday.

and if you don't like to eat a pumpkin, you can carve it out and use it as a vase!

My new red shoes...I love them!

For the pumpkin freaks you can learn all the names of the pumpkns....I like this litle white one called "Baby Boo"
The kids had a great time on the "Luftkissen"

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