Saturday, 26 September 2009

Hamster children!

A street market is always good fun, lots of different things to see, food to taste, beer to drink.
The "Autumn in Pruessenallee" street festival was on for the weekend, and we had a few hours spare on Saturday evening. Alexander had Isiaih over for the night, so we all went to see what it was like.

The kids enjoyed having a dance to the funky music, and then we found these Hamster Balls...

Step 1:

Shoes off, and stick dusting gloves on your hands.

Step 2:

Climb into large plastic ball, and cover your ears while the man attaches the leaf blower to a hole and blows up the ball.

Step 3:

Run, Run, Run

The kids were supposed to have 5 minutes in the ball for 5 euros. It was quite expensive really, but the novelty was too good to pass up. It was late in the evening, and most of the kids had already left, so the kids got to stay in there for over 15 minutes, because there was no line. The owner thought it was better advertising to have kids in the balls having fun, than having the balls deflated on the ground. So in the end they got good value for their money.

By the time they got out of the balls, they were all hot and sweaty, ready for a delicious crepe!

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