Wednesday, 4 February 2009

The Umbilical Brothers

The Umbilical Brothers are in Berlin doing a 2 week gig at the Tipi theatre.

Phil read an ad in the paper and let me know. He was not going to be able to make it, because he was going to be in America.

My German friend Ingrid loves the Umbilical Brothers. I sent her a link to a You Tube video years ago. Ingrid has been sick with an infected knee and spent 2 weeks, including New Years Eve in a Swiss hospital, with a brilliant views of the snow covered mountain. (She was supposed to be skiing). Since then she has been unable to drive, house bound and on crutches. Then her son broke his arm playing ice hockey, and her daughter chipped her 2 teeth playing a didgeredoo (she hadn't heard it was taboo for a woman to play one). Ingrid was in need of a good laugh.

So, Ingrid, Ulf, Sonia and I got 4 tickets. It was a great show, and we laughed the whole way through. I was telling my German teacher about it, and she has got tickets to see them next Saturday night. She has read a few reviews about them, and she tells me they were all very positive. All of them, except for 1 small negative comment, which said it would have been nice to have a bit of music as well.......huh?????(David did a little caberet number!)

After the show, they both came out for a beer, have a quick chat (gotta hear an Aussie accent when I can) and I got my photo taken with both of them! How cool!!!!

Here is David

Here is Shane
(the kids have trouble remembering who is who! :)

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Georgie said...

I love these guys! Lucky you