Friday, 6 February 2009

Cameron's school assembly

Cameron's class did an assembly today. They have been studying Spiders in topic.
Sadly, no red backs or funnel webs in the assembly!

They played Incy Wincy Spider on recorders, cellos and Cameron played the guitar.

He really wanted to bring his along, but I am not keen for him to take his guitar to school. I trust him, but it's the feral children I do not trust. He would be heart broken if his guitar was broken. So, I offered to bring it along with me later in the day.

Do you think I had enough reminders on the back of the apartment door?

In the end he took the guitar with him in the morning. I wasn't feeling well (just a cold), and wasn't sure if I would make the assembly later on.

But I did get there, and it was an entertaining assembly. My favourite part was when the teacher asked the kids if they knew the name of the composer of a classical piece of music she had played. She gave them a hint that it started with "V". One of the German kids said "Volfgang Mozart" for "Wolfgang Mozart" it typical that I was the only one who laughed? The answer was Vivaldi!

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