Saturday, 6 December 2008

St Nikolaus day

On the 6th of December,the tradition in Germany is for kids to polish their shoes and leave them outside the door, and St Nikolaus will drop by and fill the shoes with treats. Traditionally, this included fruits and nuts, but in modern times this revolves heavily around chocolates! IF you have been bad, then your shoes are filled with sticks and coal.

On Friday night the boys polished their shoes and put them out on the landing. The next morning, they were full of chocolates, as well as other goodies (kidly left by our downstairs neighbor).

The boys wanted to put sticks in mum's shoes like last year, but with Nicole away, she had no shoes on the landing. Probably just as well...

Here are all the treats that ended up in Alexander, Cameron and Phil's shoes.

At least you know once a year the kids will WANT to clean their shoes....

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Kylie S said...

Yummy, yummy chocolate! It was good chatting with the 'boys' and we'll have to arrange a time for us 'girls' to catch up!