Monday, 8 December 2008

Christmas Carols at St George's Church

Every year, St Georges Church holds a christmas fair, and invites the BBS to send their choir to sing some Christmas carols. This year, the school also bought along the string enemble, which also performed a few songs.

Earlier in the day, Alexander was a theatre club. He then went to his friend Isaiah's house, where I think there was a lot of Lego play, and a little snack for lunch. Alexander had a cold, and by the time he arrived at the church (just in time to get changed into his school uniform), it was time to go on stage.

I always like listening to Alexander sing in the choir, and I'm sure I can hear him above the others (Proud dad syndrome, maybe??). I was sat back a few rows, so I gave Cameron the camera, and he snuck to the front and took heaps of photos (I had to call him back as the continual flash of the camera was starting to get a bit distracting!). All the photos here were from Cameron.

Alexander made it all the way to the last two songs, when his cold got the better of him. He was upset that he couldn't finish his set (and he missed his solo), but he had to stop for a drink of water and a rest. After a drink and some chocolate, he was back to his normal self.

The left half of the choir

The Right half (anyone for a standard school shoe policy??)

Alexander and Martin, who heads back to NZ next week

The fair is a good time to catch up with a few of the other ex-pat parents, share a glass of Gluhwein (mulled, hot red wine) and chat about upcoming Christmas plans. This was also a chance to say a last goodbye to Jocelyn (Martin's mum), who is heading back to NZ next week.

The boys had a couple of Euros each to spend, and enjoyed running around with their mates.

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