Saturday, 27 September 2008


The work foreign language training department arranges 'get togethers and outings' - and with the closure of Templehof airport, an outing was planned to visit the site and see the 'history' for one last time.

Templehof airport.

Templehof Airport from above.

Templehof is famous as the airport that was used during the 'airbridge', which supplied all the food and machinery parts into Berlin during the Soviet blockade. We had the opportunity to see a film on the blockade, and then take a flight on the Rosinenbomber - A DC-3 built in 1944 and used by the RAF in the air-bridge operation. It has since been fitted with seats and flies from Templehof around Berlin, at a height of about 600m (apparently the lowest height they are allowed to).

Templehof Airport to the right of the wing, and the Fernsehnturm at the top right tip of the wing.

We flew for about 30 minutes and did a loop down over Potsdam and back, The fog was still on the ground, so much of what we could have seen was obscured. It was still a wonderful flight.

The plane will move operations to Schoenefeld airport next month. I may even think about taking the kids (I know Alexander, in particular, would LOVE it!) and flying out from there, but it will not be quite the same as flying from the original base of Templehof. For more information on the history of the Rosinenbomber, click here

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