Sunday, 21 September 2008

Malchow and Müritz-See

A quick overnight visit to Malchow.
The car ride there proved to be an interesting drive to the border of Poland and right around. A 1 and a 1/2 hour trip turned into a 5 hour drive when "she who will not be named" put the wrong thing into the Nav system. (someone may get a nav system with maps for Xmas). Anyway we eventually got there.
The lake system at Müritz is enormous, and lots of different ferry cruises to choose from.
We brought Harry along so Alexander had someone to play with as well. They had a great time at the back of the ferry. Here is the silly shot taken care of so we could get the above "proper" shot.
The bridge swings to the side every hour to let the boats through

It's Apfelschole, not beer...honest!

At a lunch stop there was this paddock with 2 horses. The kids enjoyed feeding them the "grass that was greener on the other side". The kids would grab some grass, and run beside the fence and the 2 horses would follow..they had a great time!
The see-saw in the park beside the lake was great fun. The kids played on it for over 45 minutes.

They came up with lots of great games to keep them amused.
The adults kept themselves amused by watching the Zimmer Olympics.
Red Jacket won by 1/2 a wheel. We are not sure about the final result. There was a stewards inquiry into the use of performance enhancing drugs .
The things you have to do to help your kids get conkers out of trees!
to finish off a picture of a little cluster of mushrooms

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