Saturday, 30 June 2007

Summerfest 2007

While Phil lay on the couch with ice packs and Panadol, the kids and I rode our bikes to school for our big fundraiser for the year. "Summerfest" should be called "Rainyfest" this year...Alexander tells me. It wasn't Summer weather at all...we had a few brief bursts of rain, but they dried up really quickly. The kids had lots of tickets to "spend", and I caught up with lots of mums and dads. Hopefully we raised lots of money for the school. The committee did a great job of organising, and there were lots of new things for the kids to do this year! No prizes for the raffle or Summer baskets this year...but we had lots of fun!
Sorry for no photos....I forgot the camera!

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Peter Pan, Key Stage 2 Production

Alexander was involved in the Pater Pan production this year for years 3,4,5 and 6. The main parts were for Years 5 and 6 students. The Year 4's were pirates, and the Year 3's were Lost Boys. Some of the Year 3's (Alexander included) were put out because there were no speaking parts for them this year (last year they were brilliant in the Key Stage 1 Production of Hansel and Gretel see March 2006 archive)

Peter Pan and Wendy

Alexander and Verena being Lost Boys.

The Lost Boys Dancing

Captain Hook and his Crew,

The scary crocodile.

The Lost Boys did a great dance to Sissor Sister's "I feel like Dancing". They all looked so happy to be up there dancing ,and really enjoyed themselves!

Peter Pan, Hook, Wendy did a brilliant job with so many lines! Our New Zealand friend Laura was Wendy, and she was terrific (we may be biased!)

All photos taken by Olga and Steve (a big thanks for some great photos)

Quilt # 10 Complete

Not a great photo. I will get a better one when my quilt helper gets out of hospital...
The original concept of the Nine Patch method I have used here can be found in books by Nancy Brenan Daniel or Karin Hellaby. Take your pick!

Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Quilt # 9 complete

Not a great photo of the Disappearing Nine Patch....a better photo when my helper is out of hospital.....operation went well, no complications, should be home on Friday!
The original concept of the Nine Patch method I have used here can be found in books by Nancy Brenan Daniel or Karin Hellaby. Take your pick!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Quilt #8 complete

A finish for the weekend. A surprise quilt for Miss Pollock, organised by Mr Boddy and I. The boys somehow managed to keep it a secret!
She loved it! :)

Saturday, 23 June 2007

A Belated Birthday Party

Alexander's birthday....back in March. He wanted to take his friends to the movies. Unfortunately at the time there was nothing out that was appropriate. Easter Holidays arrived and a couple of movies came out, but we were in Scotland. I thought I had read somewhere that Shrek 3 was coming out in April...(show how good my German can be sometimes). Anyway, he really wanted to take his friends to see Shrek, and he was happy to wait. So finally 3 months later, Shrek 3 came out at the movies, and we took 9 kids on Saturday afternoon.

I am sure all would have run smoothly if we had have read the newspapers, listen to German radio, watched German TV....(but we don't), and we didn't know that the Gay and Lesbian Love Parade was happening at the same time, and the parade went along the main road next to the cinema. Traffic was diverted, and parents in cars struggled to get to the cinema in time. Nicola and Emily got stuck in a diversion, and then had a car accident, where the ambulance staff put Nicola in a neck brace and sent them off to the hospital to be certain she was Ok....thankfully they were both fine, just very shaken! If I had have known the traffic was going to be chaotic, I would have suggested that the kids get dropped off at our place and we take all the kids on the U Bahn.

The kids enjoyed the movie, lots of laughing and then we took them for ice cream afterwards.

Note to self..take group photos of children before eating icecream, which seems to make them go a bit silly!

While they were eating their icecream, the kids got to see lots of interesting peple in interesting clothing, or lack of clothing! Kids do not know how to be discreet, and spent lots of time pointing at different people...."Why is that man wearing a dress?" "I know that is a man in that dress, he has an Adam's apple" "Look, those men are only in their underpants" There was lots of laughter between them...I had to apologise to the parents for the possible questions they might have to try and answer later on that evening!

We took Isaiah home with us, Gemma collected him later. On the U Bahn we shared a carriage with some men dressed in robes, with faces painted in a Star Wars way. Isaiah and Alexander were staring at them and talking (in English), one of the guys say to them, "Do you want to look at us". Isaiah replies "No, you look freaky"...luckily, the guy had a good sense of humour and had a good laugh!

But they had a great time, and that's the main thing....we came home ,and I had a nap!

Sunday, 17 June 2007

London, Moscow, Gent

A solid week of travel...

London for an industry conference where I was giving a presentation on some stuff we had done last year on Tuesday and Wednesday. The best part about this was managing to catch up with a friend froma recent course that I went on, and having a great chat over pizzas and wine.

On Wednesday, I then flew to Moscow, where I had organised a conference for 450 specialists. This was hard yakka - I think I have learned my leson, and won't organise anything in Russia for a while! Visa problems, customs problems, safety and security, Moscow traffic..... but we managed it, and everone seemed happy!

Home on Sunday night, then out on Monday morning to Gent, in Belgium, to lecture at the Business school. This was my first visit to the city, and they have kept all the historic facades and it is a very beautiful place! The town centre is not very big and can be walked in less than a couple of hours.

Finally back home - and no travel for at least the next few weeks (as Alexander says, "Yippee!!!")

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Patchworktage Berlin 2007

The German Patchwork Guild and Berlin Brandenburg Guild got together and organised the Quilt Show this year. Alexander and I went on Saturday (Cameron was at BJ's for a sleep over, and Phil was in Russia). A few great tables were set up for the kids to do some painting blocks to add to a paper quilt, paper cut out blocks, which Alexander enjoyed doing, and learning to felt.
Next were lots of qults to look at, and of course the shopping area to buy some stuff.. I was very good and only bought a few pins for my pin board, and some beads for Sonia.

Three panels about Berlin without walls.
Lots of quilts to look at

A different medium for Berlin Bears.....polar bears featured on many blocks...the influence of Knut the Polar Bear in the Berlin Zoo.

Marga's quilt

I picked up a lot of business cards from different stalls to internet shop later on. There was also a lady there who owns a Gammil long arm, and I spoke to her at length about sending quilt tops to her to quilt for me (quilts that are too big and difficult to do on my domestic machine).

Dream Houses

Another exhibition at the quilt show was a theme of Dream houses...some of these are my favourites

Danish Patchwork Guild

Here are a couple of quilts from the Danish Quilt Guild...amazing quilting, and I love the colours. I hope if you click on the pictures you will be able to see some of the quilting

Friday, 15 June 2007

Solar System Assembly

Alexander's class did the assembly this week. Miss Lauritzen did a great job with the script, the kids found out lots of good information about the different planets,(opps, Pluto was still included).

There were aliens following the kids as they floated from planet to planet, and Yoda and Darth Vadar made an appearance!
This class has some really great performers in it. Those who are doing the Peter Pan Play next week, are miffed that they are Lost Boys, and none of them have any lines. (the Year 5 and 6 kids have all the main parts)...more on Peter Pan in 2 weeks time

Wednesday, 13 June 2007

30 hours down

Here is the progress so far.
I am stitching on this almost every night. I am about 1/2 way through the first page.

Here is the 13th hour photo

Here is the original picture....if you look really closely in the top left hand corner, you can see what I have done so far!

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Museum für Kommunikation.

(that's the German spelling)

A great interactive museum for kids to find out different ways of communication (see I can spell it in English too)

It shows all sorts of different ways people have communicated with each other, from smoke signals, to post to the internet, and everything in between. There are lots of interactive stuff for the kids to press buttons, and touch stuff.

Cameron spent the afternoon at BJ's house, so we took Alexander to this museum.
We had to show Alexander how to use this telephone, he had no idea how you would use I getting old???

Alexander using the controls for a crane.
This robot was programmed to fidn the ball and roll towards the ball. Alexander spent ages rolling the ball around and watching the robot search for it and chase it. When the robot found the ball, it would let out "baby" like squeals of was very cute to watch!

check out the website for some more pictures. There was a great installation of a postal stage coach, that had been totally taken apart, and hung from the ceiling to show how it all comes together....far too hard to explain, you need to look at the picture to understand what I am talking about!

Thursday, 7 June 2007

New York

After some days of meetings, I had a chance to look around New York - part of it by myself, and part of it on a 'sex in the city' tour organised as part of the social program of the meeting.

On top of the Empire State Building..

After not knowing what to expect, I really like a lot of stuff about NY. Central park is great. The city is enormous but walkable. Taxis are everywhere. The subway is great. Times square is completely OTT (especially at night)! What a waste of advertising space - how can you compete with the other billion watts of lighting and advertising there?? The Statten Island Ferry at dawn is super (and you get a good view of the statue of liberty). There are some really pretty districts and very modern and interesting corners of the city.

The statue of Libery as dawn breaks..

I stayed down at Battery Park, which is 'downtown' (near Wall St). It is not far from the 'ground zero' (the old World Trade Centre site). This has to be the most photographed construction site I have ever seen. People sticking their cameras through the fence to take photos of a crane, a digger and a big hole in the ground. A bit sad, really.

To cap things off, I found a quilt shop for Nicole and finished off with an excessive amount of fabric to add to her stash....