Sunday, 10 June 2007

Museum für Kommunikation.

(that's the German spelling)

A great interactive museum for kids to find out different ways of communication (see I can spell it in English too)

It shows all sorts of different ways people have communicated with each other, from smoke signals, to post to the internet, and everything in between. There are lots of interactive stuff for the kids to press buttons, and touch stuff.

Cameron spent the afternoon at BJ's house, so we took Alexander to this museum.
We had to show Alexander how to use this telephone, he had no idea how you would use I getting old???

Alexander using the controls for a crane.
This robot was programmed to fidn the ball and roll towards the ball. Alexander spent ages rolling the ball around and watching the robot search for it and chase it. When the robot found the ball, it would let out "baby" like squeals of was very cute to watch!

check out the website for some more pictures. There was a great installation of a postal stage coach, that had been totally taken apart, and hung from the ceiling to show how it all comes together....far too hard to explain, you need to look at the picture to understand what I am talking about!

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Aussie Stitcher said...

We love taking our kids to places like this. Great fun.