Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Running from Croatia to New York....

With Nicole and the kids dispacthed back to Berlin after a fantastic week in Croatia, I set off on my journey to New York.
It ended up being an awful experience..
The plane from Zagreb was 1.5hrs late (no problem, happens all the time and is part of travelling)
We made Frankfurt, and the ground crew for Lufthansa rang the gate, confirmed my name, and said "yes, you can just make it but you will need to run.." so I did, through Frankfurt airport to the gate.
I was met by the Lufthansa check-in guy who then told me that they had just given my seat to a wait list passenger (!!!??!!) Why tell me to run, when you know I am coming, to then give my seat away! The plane was still at the skybridge, so I hadn't even missed the flight.
I then got sent to the ticketing counter. It was so much trouble for them that I wouldn't accept an overnight stay in Franfurt and fly the next day (I would miss a key meeting) and need a rerouting. Well, it seemed that way. Eventually I was booked to London, and to NY from there.
So, to the London flight... but I would have to run! (only to wait 20 minutes)..
When I got onto the Lufthansa flight to London, there was a feedback form, which I enjoyed filling out!
I got to London and had to run (!!) to Terminal 3, where I was told I was too late for the flight. After appropriately expressing my feelings, the guy rang the gate and found out that there was enough time, but I would have to run!!
With the extra security checks, I finally made it onto the plane.

Business travel... there is nothing like it!

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