Sunday, 18 February 2007

Ski lessons

We got ourselves suited, booted and ready to ski! We went first to the nursery slopes so the kids could get a feel for skiing again, and we met a girl of Cameron's age (Amy) with whom we could hear their parents talking English. We introduced the kids, then ourselves. Here is a photo of Cameron, Amy and Alexander....not that you can see much of them with their ski gear on!

The boys and Amy skiied together on the nursery slopes and became good friends. They were all going into ski school together so at least they would have someone else they knew to hang out with. Amy's mum (Nicola) was a school teacher with a big group from Lincolnshire in the UK, and her dad (Dave) was a policeman who had tagged along. As it worked out, there were 4 other dads who had tagged along (all good skiiers) and Phil was invited to join them skiing. It was quite easy to remember the names, because there were two Phils, two Daves and a John. All were great blokes and across the week Phil caught up and skiied with them (and had a few beers, too!).

This was half-term holidays, and the ski school was overflowing! I'm not sure that they coped all that well, but after some disorganised chaos, the boys were put into groups for ski lessons.After a bit of disorganisation, the kids were put into ski groups. Unfortunately the boys were not in the same class, and it was all too hard for the teachers to put them together. Cameron was a bit stroppy about it, and we hoped this wouldn't cause him to 'crack the wobblies' and refuse to have a good time. After the first day, he was OK, and had made a few friends in his group. Amy and Alexander were in the same class, but later in the week the groups were reconfigured and they all ended up in separate groups! However, they ate lunch together, and did the afternoon session in the same group, and mucked around / skied before and after lessons.

Cameron's teacher was Marc and Alexander's teacher was Franzi. The kids really enjoyed their lessons, and again proved how quick they are to learn new things (also having no fear helps as well).

They are able to go quite fast down the slopes, and on the the second day were already at the top of the mountain going down the red (intermediate level) slopes. Alexander went up first on day 2, and Cameron on Day 3. Phil was also having lessons on the upper slopes and kept an eye out for the boys. It was great to see how well they were doing, and to see them about having fun was also really pleasing!

Alexander (above, Cameron below) It was hard to get a photo of them skiing this year. They are both getting quite fast, and we ended up with lots of blurry ones! They are ready to go skiing with Uncle Stuart now! :)

Nicole started on the beginner runs, and 'graduated' to the top of the mountain on day 4. The resort is great for beginners / intermediate skiiers with lots of 'blue' and 'red' runs of varying difficulty, and unlike Werfenweng, it is possible to get to the intermediate slopes on top of the mountain without having to go down very steep slopes (which put Nicole off a bit last year).

Nicole's teacher was Hubsi (a bit like skiing with your grandpa - very patient, and very caring!) and Phil's teacher was Alfred.

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