Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Altes Museum

Alexander's class is learning about Ancient Egypt. This is a topic that has them all amazed!

We went on a trip to the Altes Museum, which holds the Egyptian Collection
I went along as a helper. I had a great group, Isaiah, Verena, Alexander, and Emily. They amazed me with all the things they were able to tell me about Ancient Egypt. They were able to pick out hieroglypic symbols, tell me the names of the Gods, Pharoahs, and all sorts of other things. As this was my favourite topic in Art at school and university, it was a real thrill for me too. It was great to see pieces that I have only seen in my text books. The Alte Museum in Berlin has the Bust of Nefertiti!

There is talk of a lot of the Egyptian collection being sent back to Egypt. Supposedly a lot of the stuff was smuggled out many years ago??....but I do not know the full story. The kids were amazed at the Mummies.
It was great to see them so excited about seeing the exhibition, and obvious that their teacher has them all captivated!


Lizzard said...

During the very early years, a number of countries just pickup and moved artefacts from Egypt without consideration to their need to keep their history. France, Germany and even Britain have large collections.

It has only been in the last twenty years that Egypt has come to realise how important its heritage is.

This is a site that may be interesting:- http://www.kv5.com/

Liz Williams

anne bebbington said...

I drop by your blog occasionally as my husband is a real Deutchophile and we have visited Berlin together - it's interesting to read of your life there - we visited Berlin just over two years ago and visited that same museum. My husband had visited the city alone just before we met about 9 months after the wall came down and it was fascinating for him to see the differences between the two visits