Saturday, 30 September 2006

We know Berlin!

Last year the Charity committe at school organised a treasure hunt. It was my idea of a living nightmare. We had only been in Berlin for 2 months, with very little of the local language, and no real idea where anything was. Phil was away for work, so I foolishly did it with just the kids.

This year was better, we know the public transport system much better, can speak and read the language, and know where landmarks, streets and buildings are!

The boys were great at finding things that we needed to find, and got back to school before anyone else. Or course this means nothing, depending on how many answers we got correct....

Award ceremony, and we managed to win first place! The boys were thrilled!
Our prize, a board game, Harry Potter DVD's, Cinema vouchers, pens, chocolates and other goodies, eve na couple of bottles of wine for the parents!

We called ourselves the Wooloomooloo Wombats, so that if we did win a prize the principal would have trouble with the name. The boys thought that would be funny. But Mrs Jackson did the awards...sorry Mrs Jackson! :) Actually she did it perfectly! :)

We found the eagle on the lamp post....we had to either draw a picture of it, or takea photo! Thank goodness for digital cameras!

The East/West links on the Ku'damn....another photo...although, Phil did a really good drawing of it!

Find the World Cup Berlin Bear! Easy, I found this during World Cup, so I knew exactly where to go! :)

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aussie aussie aussie oy oy oy
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