Saturday, 19 November 2005

Wanna walk to Poland?

Sounds crazy I know....but when Pheobe suggested a trip to Poland, I thought it would be a great idea...then I heard "walking", and thought twice! But in the end I decided to do it....a weekend away and what a great time we had! There were 9 of us, mums and dads from school. It was a fast pace walk, as we needed to hit our nightly spot by about 4pm, as it gets dark here early at this time of the year, and we were walking through the woods with no lamp posts! The woods are all marked with walking tracks, and it was easy to follow! Our first night we got to Cottbus, and stayed the night in a Youth hostel! It was like being a 16 year old again, with a lot of giggling in our hostel room....some of it alcohol induced! Here are 8 of us (Tom took the photo) Faye, Christoph, Me, Elli, Sonia, Phoebe, Luke and Giselle in Cottbus...1/2 way!

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