Friday, 18 November 2005

Change of hair colour again!

Out to buy a new hair colour, as the orange/red colour is fading away. I took Alexander with me. "It's my turn to chose mum" Yes, I guess that was right! Cameron chose the last one. Alexander chose this bright purple/red colour! What the hell, it is only hair, and it washes out after 40 washes!
I coloured it a couple of days before our walk to Poland. The day after I did it, I picked the boys up from school. The kids in both boys classes that know me, their jaws dropped as they saw my hair "What happened to your hair Mrs Owens?" says Julian....Mrs Jackson quickly replies..."Julian, it is not nice to comment like that when a lady has her hair done!" Very funny! Actually I quite like this colour! Cameron's friend, Bradley, wants to chose the colour for his mum's hair..Sonia says "No Way". So I told Bradley he can choose my next colour...he is thinking about blue/black! Interesting! Well it's a bit of fun! Here is a picture of my hair on our walk to Poland.

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