Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Back to Oz, back to School

The kids have been out of school since mid July, so after nearly 4 months, it was time to get them back into school. Due to the difference in school years between hemispheres, the kids will be in school for 6 weeks, and then have another 7 weeks of Summer holidays. You can imagine neither boy is complaining too much about that! They think it is pretty awesome that in 6 months they will have had 6 weeks of school.

We found a school near the serviced apartment we are staying in until our furniture arrives and we have a house to move into (in an area we hope to live in), and enrolled the kids to start the day after Melbourne Cup Day. The principal suggested starting on Wednesday, as many of the kids would not be at school on the Monday.
First day of school went really well for both of them. Nicole is just so grateful for blue uniforms, rather than the yellow that is so difficult to keep clean!

As we move into the next part of our journey, this is the final post in this blog.  We have been extremely privileged to be able to go on this 6 year journey.  We feel unbelievably lucky that we have been able to travel so much.
 As the kids get ready to enter their secondary school years, we hope these experiences will shape them to be well rounded students, and as always remember the expat experience they were able to have.
December 2004, our final days in our home in Sydney
30th September 2010, our final day in Berlin, Germany

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