Saturday, 2 October 2010

Cape Town. Day 2. Helicopter Ride over the Cape of Good Hope.

The boys and Phil had decided that they would love to try a helicopter ride – and whilst we were at the Waterfront we would check out the prices for the following day. Whilst we were negotiating at Sport Helicopters, they suggested a ‘sunset flight’ that very evening. There was a bit of breeze, but it was a lovely evening and we decided to go for it and have an hour flight down to Cape Point and back that evening.

It was an exhilarating experience – and the views were spectacular. We hugged the coast all the way down to Cape Point (The Cape of Good Hope), and back up via False Bay.

 The V & A Waterfront.
 Table Mountain with a drifting layer of cloud over the top
 The Green Point Stadium (used for the FIFA World Cup 2010)
 The Cape of Good Hope
 Cape Point right at the tip with the lighthouse on the edge
 False Bay
A gorgeous sunset as we flew back towards Cape Town.

The boys and Nicole were not so keen on the hard banking figure of 8 turns that our pilot used to give us a better look at Cape Point, and Cameron had to make use of the air-sick bag due to the wind and turbulence not far from final landing (I think this convinced our pilot to speed up his return to base...). However, it was really worth it, both for us to have a first helicopter ride and to see the magnificent scenery.

After settling our tummies with a rest back at the apartment, we went out to a recommended local Italian restaurant called Da Vinci’s on Kloof.  Delicious and fun – although the big spare ribs stopped Phil (he was heard to grumble that he thought he ate a whole pig!)

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