Friday, 11 June 2010

5 km x 5 km run Berliner Wasserbetriebe TEAM Staffel

Alexander has been training at lunchtimes with a few of the teachers and some of the students for the 5 x 5 race for a few weeks.  Initially he had not signed up, and didn't know anything about it.  But he wanted to run at lunch time with the group.  Then someone had to pull out, so he filled in for the student who couldn't come.

The team race was for 5 people, who each ran a 5 kilometre track.  His team included Victoria, Katharina, Emily, Kirsten and Alexander.

Cameron gave Alexander a massage before his race.
Alexander was the last runner for his team, so he had to wear the tag to record the team's time.
Before the race, we sat under a tree and relaxed.
As their team members were running, the next runners would wait until they came to the end of their 5 km.  Here is Miss S and Alexander waiting.
Alexander coming to the end.
So fast, I couldn't focus my camera! ;)
through the finish line.
Afterwards there were lots of smiles

Emily and Alexander
Our school teams did really well.

In 375th place the Year 8-9 boys came 5th in their age division. 1:57:11
In 1460th place the male teachers came in 2:10:26
In 2929th place the female teachers came in 2:24:14
Alexander's team came in 3030th place, 22nd in their age division. 2:25:22

There were 3942 teams over the 3 day event.  We were really pleased with how everyone ran.
Alexander wants to train for the next one!
Our neighbour's team won first prize for the best baton!
So it was a great day all round.

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