Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Giant's Causeway

The highlight of the trip for Nicole was to visit the Giant's Causeway. When we had been to Ireland 2 years ago, she saw a photo of this and was determined to get to Northern Ireland to see it.

We got up early, had a lovely Irish Breakfast at our Bed & Breakfast and headed off to the north east coast of Northern Island. We were at the tea room/gift shop/information centre by 9am, and headed down the path for a kilometre walk to the Causeway.

It was magnificent, and even more incredible to climb and look at all the rocks as the tourist buses had not arrived yet, and we pretty much had the entire causeway to ourselves!

The kids enjoyed looking in the rockpools and climbing on all the rocks.

The scientific reasoning for the rocks is that a think layer of lava flowed from a valley, as the lava flow cooled and hardened, it contracted creating a pattern of hexgon shaped cracks.

The legend says the Irish Giant, Finn MacCool built the Causeway so he could cross over the sea to Scotland to fight Benandonner, the Scottish Giant.

We liked the legend story the best, and we think it is true, cause here is Finn's shoe!!

A bit further up the path is the "Organ Pipes".

We had hoped to walk further around the bay, however the weather was windy and the path had been closed off due to the worry of falling rocks. So we headed back to the tea room for morning tea. It was a great morning!

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