Thursday, 14 August 2008


The best thing about going to Bright in the middle of Winter is that you can be sure there will not be a total fire ban day. So, the kids harrass Grampa for a fire "down the back".

In other years we have toasted marshmellows around the fire. Phil came up with a different idea instead...damper.

So, after looking for a quick recipe in Granma's recipe books (it's been years since we have cooked damper), we made a quick batch and the kids set to work.

The reason marshmellows are great to cook around a fire, is because it is quick. Baking damper on a fire requires more patience,

There are often far more fun things to be doing around the fire than rotating a stick with dough on the end of it.

But once the damper was cooked through, it was delicious with butter and jam.

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