Sunday, 27 July 2008

School in School Holidays???

Even though the boys were on school holidays, a few days they went into school with Nana (when we had a few appointments, or when there was someting fun to do).

The local high schools were doing their school productions.

One school was performing "Annie" and the other was performing "The Wizard of Oz".

The schools invite the local primary schools to come and watch their dress rehearsal. The shows were terrific, and the boys really enjoyed them.

Another day the Fire Brigade was coming to talk to the kids, so the boys went along as well.

They had fun using the hose and being able to climb into the fire trucks and see what happened. Thankfully there was no fire that day, and they were able to stay around. A few years ago, they had to rush off to an emergency and the kids didn't get to see much.

Watch out, Cameron has the hose
Having a chat with the Fireman

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