Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Sue Me

For the past 2 weeks, (and for this week as well I think), some government, environment department is testing our streets around our house for underground movement (or something like that, the letter that came in the mail had lots of big German words that made no sense to me).

These wires and cords are EVERYWHERE!!! Even in the big round park up the street, there are cords just lying all over the park. I took the kids up there the other day to kick the footy, and spent all of 5 minutes there, because it was so easy to trip on them.

This is a good one, the black cord goes right across the footpath

After a few beers on Friday night, you could imagine all sorts of accidents just waiting to happen
2 pieces of yellow tape hold the cord down outside your gate.

Doesn't it just scream LAWSUIT


sMC said...

Hi Nicole thanks for visiting my blog. Yes I agree extremely dangerous, especialy for unsupervised kiddies.

Chelle said...

What a mess! I hope they get finished quickly and get the wires back where they belong.