Saturday, 20 October 2007

Sardinia holiday

Another week of school holidays (I am still amazed how many holidays the kids get here)
At the last minute we decided to head off to Sardinia for 5 days. Phil needed to be back in Berlin for a meeting that couldn't be moved (I hope it was worth it), so we arrived on Saturday and left on Wednesday.
A lovely place, we were at Cala Gonone. The resort was very quiet. It was the end of the season, and in 9 days the hotel would shut for the Winter. So, perfect for us, it was very quiet, and very relaxing. We had the entire beach to ourselves most days, and the kids enjoyed splashing around in the waves and searching in the rock pools. It wasn't warm, 18-20 degrees, but that never stops kids from playing at the beach.

Our first day on the beach was a bit chilly!

A view of the town

The the sun came out a bit, and the boys were in the rock pools!

They spent hours climbing around the rocks

We still cannot get used to these stones on the beach....we are spoilt in Oz with gorgeous soft sand! You definitely need your thongs for a walk along the beach over here!
I can't understand why we were the only ones in the water??? maybe because it wasn't warm, but the kids don't seem to feel it!
A wedding car....we didn't see the Bride, but let's hope she didn't have a meringue style dress, because I don't know how she would have fitted in this little car!
The sun came out, and we had loads of fun on the beach!

Alexander enjoyed the hot chocolates in Sardinia. This will be the thing he will remember most about the holiday. It was so thick, like melted he wants to google search a hot chocolate recipe like this so we can do it at home! Would be great with some marshmellows I think, when it is freezing outside....but I think we would have smaller cups!

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