Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Scienceworks Melbourne

This museum was a lot of fun, lots of interactive things to do, and even got to race against Cathy Freeman (gee, she is quick!!)
The lightening show was fun, and loads of cool information about electricity.

Lots of fun things to do in the sport section

and the biggest sofa we have ever seen...this would be cool in your living area

Alexander has no idea why these bikes were ever invented

Cameron worked on his brick labouring skills....now he just has to work on the traditional "plumbers crack" (I wish Cameron's top tooth would finally fall out.....it is so close, and looks awful...lol)


Tannia said...

What a pity we couldn't meet up while you were in Melbourne ;( My son and the little princess LOVE scienceworks too!

Aussie Stitcher said...

We are also fans Scienceworks. We took out an annual membership for Melbourne Museum and it allows us free entry to the museum, scienceworks and the immigration museum.