Monday, 21 August 2006

Phil - South Africa trip

Unfortunately I had to leave Nicole and the boys in Australia, and head off to Singapore and South Africa for work. Both were great trips (business-wise) and also enjoyable from a personal perspective!

In particular, I was fortunate that a colleague took me camping to the Vaal River, which is about 1.5 hours drive out of Jo'burg. It was the middle of winter, so at night it was freezing (literally!) but with some woolen longjohns I had bought in Australia and some suitable jackets, I had no problem keeping warm.

It was really relaxing, the company was great and we had a BBQ (a Braai in South African parlance!) - felt just like camping back in Aus.

We cruised on the river, had a few drinks, and just enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Then it was back to Jo'burg (well, Midrand) for 5 very long, but worthwhile days of business, then back to Berlin to see the family again!

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