Wednesday, 13 February 2008

A walk in the twilight

After the ride in the snow beasts, we decided to walk back to the hotel (about 2 km). It was getting late, and quite cold. There was a marked track which led from the Salober Jet lift (where the snow ploughs picked us up and dropped us off) back to the hotel - you just had to climb one blue piste hill first!

The kids had their sleds (snow boogie boards) and used these down the hills on the tracks. It was great fun. Until Cameron's sled slipped off the track and went about 50m down a hill on the deep snow. Phil set off after it... a little bit of exercise after a hard day's skiing as OK!

It was incredibly beautiful and peaceful. The sun had set, but there was still some light on one of the distant peaks. The stars were starting to come out, and it was so quiet and peaceful. The air as really still and cold, and it was a good thing we were all still rugged up in our ski gear and snow boots!

It was a wonderful walk - after all the activity and energy of skiing in these mountains during the day, it was great to see this other, increadibly peaceful side to the mountian.

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