Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Eggs for breakfast??

Alexander is growing fast, and eating lots - so a buffet breakfast is great for him! One of his favourites it to have a boiled egg, but we didn't know it would be so hard to get him a boiled egg for breakfast.

The first day, he brings Phil a hard-boiled egg to peel for him... Phil cracked it - and it was raw! It appears that you have to boil your own eggs! This was egg disaster number 1 - with raw egg all over the table!

We found the cooker, and Alexander drops a raw egg on the floor (disaster number 2)

On the second day, we cook an egg, but the water is not really at full boil, so the egg was just cooked. When Phil opened it, it went all over the table again! (egg disaster number 3)(Take note, that Nicole was having nothing to do with these eggs!!)

On the third day, we left the egg in the cooked for at least ten minutes. When Alexander went back to get it, someone had taken it! (egg disaster number 4)

Could it be any harder to have a boiled egg? However, after this, the eggs were fine and Alexander enjoyed them as part of his big breakfast before skiing. We got the timing perfect. We would put the egg into the cooker, as we came into the restaurant for breakfast (right at the back of the cooker, in the hope that no one would take those eggs). Alexander would get his cereal, take it back to the table and eat his cereal. By the time he had polished off a large bowl of cereal, his egg would be ready! It only took us 3 days to get this routine right...and he was happy after that. Luckily the waiters were very good humoured about it, and told us it happens quite regularly!

This is the view behind the boys that we had as we ate breakfast every morning.....to the right a bit is one of the big ski lifts, and we could watch them get the lift seats out every morning!

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