Thursday, 8 November 2007

Stars of the Future

Well, they did it again....
We had a talent contest at the school this year to help raise funds for the charities we support.

Alexander, Emily and Isaiah won 2nd place in Year 1, for their stand up comedy act, telling jokes.

This year, they enlisted Verena to be involved, and won 1st place with a Cinderella panto, and a friendship song! They were hilarious....and we were so proud of them! They worked really hard to learn their lines, and their dance routine most weekends.

Alexander, Isaiah, Verena and Emily with their winning certificates.

Second place was Laura and Martin who did an awesome poem recital. Down the back of the chair by New Zealand author, Margaret Mahy. They looked great in their All Blacks gear!

Click on the heading of this blog entry to be directed to the link for the poem. It is a long poem to remember, they were terrific!

So the Southern Hemisphere were well represented. Martin is in Alexander's class. Their teacher was so proud of all of them!

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