Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Quilt #11 complete

Here is the finished Tumbler block quilt. I booked the long arm machine at the quilt shop, and it took about 4 hours to do.....long arm professionals, do not look too closely at the quilting!

It was great fun, and I will definitely be doing more quilts on this machine! (I have already started to work on the 12th quilt for the year, I am playing with this tumbling block pattern and working with colour a bit. Also it is a great way to use up 4" strips from my is amazing how little fabric you actually need to make up one of these quilts)


Michelle said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! Congratulations on finishing it!

Mary said...

Tumblers seem to be showing up all over! I love one patch quilts and one of these is on my list. You did a wonderful job both with your color selection and quilting.

Lizzard said...

damm you still push them out and having added knitting to the skill as well - I have only manage a hat and scarf though admittable it took met 3 days to night them, but sadly lots of quilt starts but no finishes.

Liz Williams