Wednesday, 31 October 2007

First pair of socks completed!

Now that I have finally worked out how to turn the heel and finish off the sock with kitchener stitch (if anyone has simple instructions how to do this, I would appreciate a link...I still didn't do it well, after about 3 tries!)

This is a simple knit 2, purl 2 ribbed sock
Wool :- Lana Grossa, Cotton Spirit, colour 3005
there area few mistakes in them, but overall, I am realy pleased with this one...I think I have come a long way from scarves and hats! :)

I am going to wear them today!

I have already started my second pair, a more complex pattern for the main part of the sock, so keep a look out for those! Also, the boys and Phil have put in an order for a pair too!


catsmum said...

oh well done!! very nice
now as to the Kitchener stitch - the best directions with lots of pics were in a back issue of Knitty -but I can't remember which. There's probably some way of searching.

catsmum said...

found it: hope the whole addy shows up and if not it's the techniques with Teresa page from Summer 04.

swooze said...

Very nice! Did you see the koolaid socks that Lisa knit at So cute!

OzKnitter said...

Yay! Congrats!

I learnt how to kitchener properly using this video

I saved it to my computer and played/paused it, stop/starting so I could keep pace with it.

Cecile said...

Fabulous job on the socks. It does take a try or two to master Kitchener, but it's really easy once you get it. The site has good directions. (For darn near everything, they're great!)

Lovely to see another fellow knitter/quilter. Keep it up!


Kucki68 said...

They look very nice! I am totaly addicted to socks, they are great on public transport and keep everyone warm.