Tuesday, 25 September 2007

quilting WIP today...hopefully

I hope to sew some of these tumbler blocks today, using a pattern I was playing with in EQ5.

I have been busy making these pentagons while I wait for the school bus. My neighbour is very intrigued with watching me sew while sitting on the stairs in the garden

But just now, my IKEA order of book shelves for the kids has just arrived....so I will try not to be distracted by wanting to assemble these...I love assembling furniture! Hopefully a photo later on of the bookshelves all set up...and some quilting photos too!
First I need to get myself down to the quack..I think I am getting an ear infection...my first visit to the doctors since I have been in Berlin..hopefully my German will stand up!


Lissa Jane said...

hope you managed your trip to the Dr's.. and I have a planned tumbler quilt in the works too.. does it count if you have cut half a dozen tumblers towards a UFO?? hope not!

take care


Anonymous said...

How are you? Have not heard from you over email in awhile. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Leanna :)

Hazel said...

Hi Nicole. Thanks for the comments on Patchwork. It is by the late designer Jann Houtman and you can purchase it from Jayne's attic in the UK or I got mine through Ina who got from the designer direct. Hugsxx

Anonymous said...

Love the pentagons. How about a demo on how to make them, very intrigued.

Hazel said...

ps love your patchwork. Lovely colours. xx

Lizzie said...

Those look like they're gonna be lovely! Gut gemacht!!!=) My DH is German and I learned for 6 years in high school, so I know what you're dealing with linguistically there. Good to hear that you ARE doing it though as many ex-pats just can't be bothered. You're a good example.=)

Chelle said...

Love the fabrics and the way they work with each other. I'm looking forward to more...and a peak at the book shelves.

Kim said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love those book shelves- Imight have to drive down to ikea and see if they would work in the area under my window also.And the pentagon quilt looks great as does the tumbler. And you have small children while you do all that??? I'm so impressed.