Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Mothers Day gift

I enjoyed a lovely breakfast in bed of pancakes with lemon and sugar.

My gift was a new cross stitch chart from Heaven and Earth. St Nick in his Study. This is an enormous chart, and will keep my occupied for quite some time. I just did the Maths.....163,800 stitches. Also some new rotating frames to hold it (I didn't have a frame large enough to hold the fabric)
I have started to grid the fabric for this one, I am not risking running out of fabric!


Pam said...

Wow - that will be quite the amazing piece when finished. Enjoy making it!!

Judith said...

It is on my wishlist too. I love this one. I myself am busy with Little red riding hood and it is just great stitching those heads. I now finished page 5 and love seeing it grow. From close it looks like a blop, but when you go further from it, you really see everything. So when you stitch it and want to know how it looks. Just lay it at the other side of the room and look at it.

mrsfroggie1970 said...

Wow! It is huge but it will be just magnificent!