Thursday, 24 May 2007

doing too many things at once... what I am really good at!
Today it failed me! On Saturday evening, I got all the gridding done on the St Nick fabric, and wanted to stitch the edges of the fabric to stop them from fraying. I used a long stitch on my machine..."4". It is easy to pull out later.

Today I sewed up the next part of a quilt, 140 pieces, and realised that my stitch length was still at "4", and not "2", which is what I normally use for quilting.

I hate it when I make a mistake....especially when I make the same mistake 70 I have been restitching them all!


swooze said...

Argh!! I do the same thing! We need to put a note up to remind ourselves I think!

~Kim~ said...

WOW girl!! You just amaze me at all you do!!! Sorry to hear about the setting being incorrect.


Lizzard said...

duh, that is why you should own an overlocker as well. I have my perfectly set for when I need to do the raw edge for my Xstitches.

Liz Williams

Chelle said...

Yikes! What a bummer. Sounds like something I would do. :o)