Sunday, 22 April 2007

Kinderfest Part 2

Magic Mountain Climbing Centre had a rotating climbing disc for the kids to try out. Cameron scaled up like a spider, with no fear. Alexander was a bit more hesitant, but still did well.

The ADAC (German road help service, like the Aussie RACV, NRMA) had an amazing display with road safety, car safety etc. They had a car accident simulator that you could get in ,and see what it is like to be in a car that has rolled over. We rotated very slowly, and the feeling was really awful, I would hate to think how this would feel in a real accident. It was a good safety lesson for the kids to understand why they wear seatbelts in the car.


swooze said...

That must have been interesting to roll in a car. But if I ever have to do it a controlled environment is my preference!

Alycia said...

I am coming to live with you! What fun things you do with your boys! I bet they just loved every minute of it... and yes always wear your seatbelts.

I like how your mystery quilt is turning out too ;-)