Saturday, 28 April 2007

Joan Elliots Angels finished

The entire piece finished!

Below is the top half

and then the bottom half

Some background information on this project.
The patterns were in the World of Cross Stitch magazine 2006 (British publication). Every quarter the magazine had 3 angel designs. The original design was for an afghan rug, but with so many quilts in our house, I would not use an afghan (also I don't like the look of all the threads at the back, and I don't like the look of a backing on an afgan...overall I just don't like afghan rugs I guess :)
I had some fabric that would work just the same. working over 2 threads, using 3 strands of thread.

The finished piece is 114 cm high x 48cm wide. (In quilter terms 45" high x 19" wide)

I bought some butterfly fabric from the internet in a sale, and Phil suggested doing the flange (blue border) just to give it a bit more of a border, and it works perfectly. I did a running stitch in between the angels to attach it to the wadding on the inside, and the backing fabric, and added the butterfly fabric, the binding hand stitched, and finally the hanging sleeve on the back to add to the hanger.

(click on each photo to get a larger image)

They were designed by Joan Elliot, one of my favourite designers. When DMC had their 100th anniversary, she designed an angel using the entire collection of DMC threads at the time. (366 colours I think). At the time, I had won the complete set of DMC threads in a Family Circle competition (entered the stitched photo I did of Alexander and Cameron), and couldn't resist the challenge of this project.

(This photo is not of my finished Angel, but one I got from the internet) My angel is safely stored with mum in Melbourne.

I am stitching some small Lizzie Kate Flip it's in the mean time, until I begin the next big project, St Nick in his study - my first heaven and Earth Design is enormous, but I am sure it will be fun to do....I hope!


Chelle said...

Congrats on a fantastic finish! your finishign is wonderful.

anne l said...

wow it looks awesome and you have just the perfect border fabric. I have watched the progress on this and it was worth the wait. Your quilts are awesome toooo. Gee you sure are a whiz when it comes to completing things, I am still plodding along on my quilt from 4 years ago, handing quilting sure takes time.

Pam said...

Your angels look wonderful. The butterfly border really goes perfectly with the angels. Congratulations on finishing it.

Anne S said...

WOW your angels look amazing! That's such a huge achievement - HUGE congrats! :D