Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Quilt # 4 complete

Here is the same quilt pattern as the Japanese fabric quilt below, but with a coordinated colour combination. This one is for Lisa downstairs, who is expecting a baby boy in June.

Wicked Easy Quilt, link below.

Right, now to try the same pattern with some pinwheels!
I am also going to sew up the blue strips, like I did with the beige/neutral strips. I am going to guess that I will get 8 10" squares out of my blue strips. I will see how that goes!


francesca said...

Hi Nicole,
finally 5 spare minutes to say hello!
I am just reading all your blog to update me with your staying in Berlin!
Still waiting for you in Italy!

Tracy said...

Great quilt. I saw your post on QDU and came over for a look.