Sunday, 4 February 2007

Japanese prints from stash

Quilt #3 for the year. I pulled out the Japanses fabrics to start something new. Here is a really quick pattern to use stash, and it doesn't take long to sew up at all.

Wicked Easy Quilt, link below.

It will be lap size by the time it is finished. Today we found out the girl in our same apartment building is pregnant. She is having a boy, so I will pull out some fun fabric and use this pattern to make a cot quilt for her baby. She is due in June, so I have heaps of time, but I would like to get that finished this week as well. Another great way to use up some of that "boy" fabric that I bought so much of when the kids were smaller.

Right, Phil has taken the boys ice skating, then Cameron goes to Mohammed's for a play date, and Alexander is off to Martin's party...I have plenty of "me" time to sew.
Gotta go......stay tuned! :)

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Susannes-Segel said...

Hallo Nicole,
einen sehr schönen Block hast du! Vieleicht sehen wir uns beim Berlin-Brandenburg-Quilt-Treff. Ich bin auch ein Quiltsternchen, das in Berlin wohnt. Wir haben im April ein tolles Treffen in Hamburg, das Thea organisiert. Vielleicht hast du Lust mitzukommen. Es sind noch Plätze frei.
Viele liebe Grüße von