Tuesday, 20 February 2007

at the top of the mountain

Phil had a bit more confidence this year, and would head off to catch up with the guys by himself after lunch. The slopes in the afternoon were often slushy, with rocks popping through (sounds like skiing in Australia, doesn't it??), and it was a lot harder on poor beginners like us! Some of the best slopes up on top of the mountain would be really busy, as everyone chased to best snow.

One of the views from the top of the mountain

The boys would be back in Ski school after lunch, and often Nicole would do a couple of runs and then relax, watching the boys, shopping, drinking coffee or just enjoying the sun! There were lots of deck-chairs, complete with "nana blankets" to keep you warm, and even wooden hammocks so you could really enjoy the non-skiing time!
Cameron testing out the hammocks!

Phil and Dave would always plan their afternoons to be back to pick the kids up from Ski school at 3:45, whereafter it was time to put all of the ski-geat into storage and head back to the apartment for a shower and a rest before dinner!

Cameron on one of the beginner slope lifts

Alexander on the beginner slope lift

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