Saturday, 6 January 2007

A few more scarves finished

I finished Alexander's teacher's scarf a few days before the end of term. It was the Australian Mohair loopy wool that I love knitting with. The hand dyed wool was in shades of blue, very pretty. Damn it, I forgot to take a photo! By the time we leave this international school, half the teachers will be wearing Australian hand dyed woolen scarves!

Next was Alexander's red scarf, the same wool as Cameron's green scarf (see 11th December 2006 post) , and of course a scarf for his Qantas koala, and Stitch.

Alexander wearing his scarf, with his toys. Elmo and Kanga are wearing Emily's.

Next was the mulit coloured pink/orange scarf for Alexander's friend Emily, and one for her toy, and finally his other friend, Isiaih, in black and orange, and one for his toy.

Isiaih's scarf and one for his toy.

That is the end of my knitting for sometime now! Unless, Cameron wants some for his friends. He hasn't asked, I haven't offered to! Sonia knitted one for Bradley, and she knitted one for Meghan.

Time to get back into the Xstitch and the Quilting

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