Sunday, 31 December 2006

Ost See Beach...

Time for a rest?? Maybe not!

Although the weather was cold and wet, we still found plenty to do!

On the second day, we took a nice long walk on the beach (Alan was heard to say "it reminds me of a Scottish summer!) which was very "fresh"!

In the afternoon, we took the kids to the enormous swimming centre. It has 2 massive waterslides (5 stories high), big pool, kiddie pool, rapids (a long pool with waterfalls to ride down like mini waterslides), waterfalls and caves, etc. It was freezing outside, but very tropical within. The kids had a great time, with Alexander becoming a waterslide 'junkie'. We rode the big blue slide many times. (the yellow one is called the TUrbo and essentially descends the five stories in a single fast curve! very fast and exciting, but for over 12's!) Nicole is still a bit shocked by the mixed changerooms, with lots on 'display' as you made your way to or from the pool, or got changed yourself. Nicole found a change cubicle, but the boys and I live by the motto "when in Rome..."

We had a delicious Italian dinner, the n the boys went out for a few beers after the kids went to bed. A very good second day!

On the third day, it was new year's eve. In the day, we took the kids for a big play on the trampolines and playgrounds, and in the afternoon, Alexander, Cameron and Bradley went to a kinder-party for New years and had a great time. Alan, Gordon and I snuck off for a round of Minigolf, which proved a real challenge and lots of laughs (especially when Alan is putting his putter over the end of the tunnels and Gordon doesn't know why his ball is not making it through!). It was a case of fine German engineering - the course had some of the best designed and engineered 'tricks' I have ever seen on a minigolf course: for example, on one hole, you had to hit it up a ramp and into a basket, which swung on the weight of the golf ball and deposited it an another cute. Others had rockers, balances and carefully crafted traps (which we fell for!).

We then got ourselves ready for the Ney Years Eve Celebration (see next post).

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