Monday, 25 December 2006

Christmas Evening

Lunch began after 2pm and finished well after sun-down (it does go down early here!). After all that fine food and drink we settled into the living room.. until we got out Sonia's Christmas present from last year...the kareoke machine! We laughed and laughed, and sang far too loud. I can tell you that there will not be any Australian Idol, Pop Idol or South African Idols coming from our families! I wonder what the neighbours thought?

Stuart with just a "wee bit" of beer

Alan, Gordon and Phil singing "Suspicious Minds"

Sonia singing "Stand By Your Man"

Sonia and our Santa ready to hand out Christmas gifts, which also brought much laughter and fun! The beer, wine (and Port!) continued to flow and the adults had a great time.

Meanwhile, the kids were all off playing with new toys, playstation games and watching a few new DVD's. Seems like a great Christmas celebration for everyone!

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