Sunday, 24 December 2006

Christmas Eve

Last night we went to a friend's open-house for Christmas and met a whole lot of really nice people from the British Embassy. One of them was called Philip Owen (no joke!) - a really nice guy (of course!) from Wales. He is on the embassy staff here in Berlin, and he and his colleagues seemed be a really nice bunch. There is a bit of a 'boys night out' next week that I have been invited along to (I promised not to mention the Ashes...)

It was a lovely evening, and after a slow start this morning, we had a lot to do preparing for the arrival of Santa, and for Christmas Lunch with our friends. Lots of tidying, and Nicole did a heap of cooking and baking! Gingerbread, chocolate balls, Pavs... mmm!

Cameron wanted a restful day (after all the ice skating, cycling and sandy hills!) so he stayed in his pyjamas and played around the house. Alexander wanted to go on a bike ride - it was a little drizzly but he really wanted to go - so just he and I went for a couple of hours.

We rode down through the Gruenewald forest to Schildhorn (on the Havel), and along the 218 bus route back to Theodor Heuss Platz (visitors will know this bus - its a great one for getting to the lake at Wannsee). It was about a 12 km round trip, and it was so quiet and peaceful in the forest, and the roads and bike paths were also really quiet. We had a really pleasant time and Alexander is riding really well - hardly needed a rest.

The boys are really excited about Santa coming and we have said that they can get us up at 7:00am for present opening.. and Alexander has tried to negotiate this to 6:45, or 6:50... SOmehow I expect that our door will burst open close to 6am and the fun will really start!

Merry Christmas to you all, where-ever you are.

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Singular Stitches said...

Happy Christmas, to you and your family, too!!! :o)