Friday, 17 November 2006

Santas Post Office -letters from Australia

After visiting Santa, and getting our great photos. We had a look around the village a bit more.
We found Santa's main post office, and thought we would see what happens here.

Inside is the normal post office, and off to the side is the special room where all of Santa's mail is opened. is very organised, and the elves are very busy in there. The letters are sorted out into countries, and then each letter is opened for Santa to read.

The stamps are collected and bundled up for the Unicef charity.

While we were there, the elves asked the boys where they were from. "Australia" they said excitedly. The elf went over to the box and pulled out some letters from Australia. She opened them, and then the kids were allowed to read the letters from Lachlan in Brisbane and Brittany and Sarah from NSW.

It was incredible to see, and to know that every letter for Santa is actually opened!

There was a table and a couple of boards like this one displaying some of the letters for Santa.

Here are the boys with 2 of the elves working hard!

For those kids who would like their letter to get to is the official address

Santa Claus
Joulumaantie 1
93930 Artic Circle

But there were letters there that just had
Santa Claus
Artic Circle

They made it there as well!

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