Thursday, 2 November 2006

Our Monsters

One of my favourite characters was Sully from Monsters Inc. Ohh...he was so furry and I just wanted to give him a big cuddle. He was pretty big, and the kids had to be careful where they stood, incase Sully stood on them accidently.

I love this photo of the boys with Mike and Boo's door.

On the wall behind Sully and Alladin, is the Scream Monitors. You could scream into a microphone, and you could see if your scream would fill a cannister (for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, you need to see the movie)

You can see on this photo, that someone has one red bar (that is a small scream.) If you could scream and get all the bars to go red, that would mean you filled the cannister, and you had a pretty loud scream.

Not surprisingly (well to Phil and I), Alexander managed to fill the cannister with every scream he did! Cameron could only get about half of the cannister, which surprised us, we thought he could fill it as well! They are both so loud!! :)

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Pa John said...

Ha Ha Pa takes credit for teaching the boys to scream, it only took a couple of spiders to do that..