Tuesday, 7 November 2006

Current UFO picture

Back from Disneyland, kids back at school, Phil off to Malaysia. TIme for me to get stuck into the current UFO....this floral thing. At least it is stitching up quickly, and no backstitch. Above is the photo of where I am up to at the moment

Below is a photo of where I was up to before we went to Disneyland


catsmum said...

you HAVE been a busy little bee. Very nice! I wouldn't have the patience for the floral one.

Anne L said...

I agree what a buzzzzzzzzy beeeee. Not my cup of tea either the floral one, love the angels and the scarf. Toooo hot for knitting in Manila. Leaving in December hopefully to some place cooler or with seasons. Happy stitching.

Mel in Dubai said...

Great progress on the UFO, Nicole, and congratulations on the Angel finish. You sure are powering along on those ... well it seems like it anyway :)

Glad I could help out with Clarice too :)