Friday, 16 June 2006

2 more finishes!

YIPPEE here are the 2 quilts I finished this week.

The green border on this fabric is great, but it was hard to stitch with, I kept going cross eyed! Those little nine patches are 2 1/2 inch squares, with 9 x 3/4" squares...what was I thinking?? I love the quilting on this with the multi coloured thread!

This one is being donated as a raffle prize for school. We have our Summerfest (school fete) next Saturday. I was panicked that I would not get it finished in time, but yesterday I worked really hard on it!

I love the backing of this one, a panel I bought back in Australia. As we are at an International School, I thought this was really appropriate. I quilted "in the ditch" on the front, and then just to add a personal touch, I quilted around the map of Australia! (it probably not easy to see in this picture...but I did it in yellow thread.
Why not, it's my quilt! :)


Tannia said...

Yay You Nicole :) Well done on the finishes...I keep seeing all this patchwork on blogs...luckily it just doesn't float my boat as something I'd like to do (my house jsut isn't big enough)! BUT I have two lovely quilts that a wonderful friend made me and I love them! Yours are just fabulous!

Glad you're enjoying the football/ soccer.....Go Aussies!

lisette said...

wow nicole the quilts are beautiful. i loved your story on qdu about people awating to see the back!